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We have several ministries to provide help, guidance, and leadership

The Hospitality Team coordinates the activities that involve hospitality and care ministries and is alert to the needs of the church membership and ways to serve those needs.  We are looking to grow a team of people who have a loving desire to meet the needs of our members, visitors and serve our community with a missional heart with their gifts and talents.  Would you like to serve here?  Come join and share your gift of service.
The dictionary describes outreach as: “an act or instance of reaching out, length or extent of reach” or for us we will expound to say, “the act of providing services, assistance and various types of support to a community.” Greater Life Outreach is in the growing stages of building a team to effectively reach out to our surrounding communities and city with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through genuine acts of love and community work.  Will you join us as we survey the needs of our community and meet those needs?
The Greater Life Praise Team’s goal is to worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth.  Our heart is to usher in the presence of the Lord and provide an inviting atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to be with us and for the people to experience His powerful and joy-filled presence.  Come join the team!
Greater Life has opportunities for volunteers and experienced youth leaders looking to serve our primary, middle-school aged and high school students.  The responsibility of the church is to equip our young believers with truth and solutions from God’s word for today’s challenges.  We aim to provide a safe and loving environment to help our youth find their value, purpose and place in God’s kingdom and how make a difference in the world.